The mission of the Emergence Community Arts Collective is to empower the human spirit through social activities, traditional arts classes, support groups and educational seminars.


There was a time when neighbors knew each other, and supported those in need. There was a time when neighborhoods spoke out against negative things happening around them. There was a time when we could talk, play games that weren't plugged in, learn from each other or just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee on the front porch. Rather than reminisce on the old days, the Emergence Community Arts Collective believes we can revive them.

The ECAC builds on the strengths of the community by providing informal and formal gathering space, capturing neighborhood history, engaging new and old residents in civic discourse, and reconnecting the generations of residents.


Facilitate social interaction and networking, particularly intergenerational gatherings within the community

Offer traditional forms of arts, crafts, dance and music that will facilitate the human connection, educating people about the history and philosophy of the cultures from which they emerged

Provide an opportunity for all individuals to participate, regardless of race, religion, economic situation, age, or disability

Move community members through pain, anger, grief and conflict into empowered community contributors

Facilitate resource sharing within the community

Foster civic responsibility

Raise the environmental consciousness of the community

Become a model for other community organizations