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Our neighborhood

people washing salad for a community eventOur center is located at 733 Euclid St. NW, directly across from Banneker High School and a half block from Howard University. The neighborhood is “Pleasant Plains”, a culturally rich and diverse community which is now seeing the benefit of new development and community interest.  The neighborhood boundaries are from Florida Ave. on the south, Spring Rd. on the north, 6th and Warder St. on the east and 14th St. on the west. It’s main attraction is the stretch of Georgia Ave from Florida Ave. to Spring Rd. This once segregated African-American community over time has been a focal point for the best and the brightest in education, industry and small businesses.  Many of its businesses and institutions have been around since the 30s and are still going strong.  You can read the Washington Post article on Pleasant Plains featuring ECAC on October 17, 2009.

young kid acting as a DJ in a community eventThe boundaries of Pleasant Plains overlap with Columbia Heights and Parkview, due in part to its unique history. It was originally a huge estate owned by the Holmead family since the 1700s that stretched from 16th St. to the reservoir. In the 1860s, the area north of Florida Ave, then outside the boundary of the city, was settled by freed African Americans coming north during the Civil War. The founding of Howard University, The National Association for the Relief of Destitute Women and Children, Freedmans Hospital and other historic sites grew out of this settlement. Also during this time, parts of the original Pleasant Plains estate were sold off to become Columbia Heights and Parkview. Pleasant Plains remained; its Civic Association was a founding member of the D.C. Federation of Civic Associations which formed in 1921. Pleasant Plains was a segregated neighborhood until the 1950s.

people washing salad for a community eventIn 2007, ECAC initiated the Georgia Avenue/Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail, working in partnership with Cultural Tourism DC. The trail will preserve the history of the Pleasant Plains neighborhood, focusing on Georgia Ave. from Florida Ave. to Spring Rd. Over 50 sites of historical interest were identified by a community working group that met monthly at ECAC. Neighborhood Investment Funding was obtained to videotape interviews of elder residents and business owners by volunteers in the community. The trail was implemented in October 2011.

young kid acting as a DJ in a community eventAs part of our continuing involvement in the community, The Pleasant Plains Civic Association, The Emergence Community Arts Collective and Mentoring Works 2 have created the  Pleasant Plains Neighborhood Network (PPNN) as a vehicle for keeping the neighborhood informed about the community.  The PPNN is a way of connecting residents of Pleasant Plains to the social, civic and volunteer opportunities in the community for the purpose of: